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the Reverse orginal tattoo removal is a non-chimical,non-acid ,high salt based saline tattoo remover
ies removal includes both fading and exfoliating properties that directly target all types of tattoo ink. It is so beautifully composed that you will see results in just one session. It also contains soothing and healing properties such as concentrated elements of aloe to aid the healing process. The composition of IES has been designed so that it can be easily absorbed and therefore provide dramatic results within just one session. IES is completely vegan and has been designed and manufactured in the Belgium.


Created and manufactured in the BELGIUM by IES Laboratory, with the highest ISO rated laboratory. Reverse contains all natural ingredients and no harmful chemicals or acids.
Reverse Tattoo Removal Solution is a highly concentrated composition of salt and citric properties that has an extremely effective and fast success rate of body and cosmetic tattoo ink extraction. It has been redesigned and composed having been trailed and tested several times amongst multiple artists across the BELGIUM. We believe that we have created the perfect blend of ingredients to create the most successful ink removal solution on the market.

What's Salt & Saline Removal?

The treatment involves inserting the IES saline solution into the skin, which punctures the top layer of skin and opens up the area. IES  is applied to the skin, pulling the inks and pigments to the surface and cleansing the area. The IES  Saline Removal Solution is high salt based, fruit seed extract saline tattoo removal solution that is so effective it can lighten a tattoo or permanent makeup procedure to the point it is no longer visible.


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